Who am I ?

Gillian Hehir - Clinical Psychologist

Psychological Services for Women

I am a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice at Victoria Street Psychology, working exclusively with female clients. I am passionate about the wellbeing of women and work to assist women, from all walks of life, to reach their potential. For some clients that means assisting them to maintain their mental health and wellbeing, for others it’s about dealing with mental illness and assisting them to function more effectively in their world.

I am trained and experienced in various psychotherapeutic approaches including interpersonal therapy, solution-focused coaching, psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. I have also developed various stress management strategies and mindfulness skills over my years of practice. My overall aim is to assist women to develop the skills necessary to ‘become their own therapists’.

"My overall aim is to assist women to develop the skills necessary to ‘become their own therapists’."

How I work ?

Person-Centred therapist

I describe myself as a “person-centred therapist” and endeavour to understand, as best I can, each individual woman who walks in my door. In the process of understanding her unique background, ways of coping in her world and how she came to be where she is today, I assist her to understand herself more fully and deeply.

Once I understand her unique world-view and sense of self, I develop an individualised approach to best assist her. Most of the women I work with are ‘stuck’ somehow and somewhere in a time and place they don’t fully understand and would rather not be.

Through her interactions with me, in a safe, non-judgemental and caring environment, I assist her to move forward and to re-engage in life. My objective is for the women I work with to feel more content and more able to live life to their full potential. This can also mean resolving issues with those near and dear to them to develop more meaningful and enriching relationships.

My practice framework is to take a problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping.  With this approach, I strive, day to day, to be the most skilled and effective therapist I can be to help women live better lives.  I also encourage regular feedback from my clients as a way of ensuring I remain effective.

"My objective is for the women I work with to feel more content and more able to live life to their full potential."

Who I work with ?

Most of the women I see are referred under the GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. In an effort to remain accessible, referrals under this Plan can be bulk-billed under Medicare. Full-fee paying clients are also welcome.

My areas of experience and particular interest with women are:

  • Generalised anxiety and specific phobias
  • Depression (including post and antenatal depression)
  • Self esteem
  • Body image and eating behaviours
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting
  • Early attachment issues between mother and infant
  • Grief and loss
  • Work-life balance
  • Personal development and life goals
  • Stress management
  • Self-management of chronic pain conditions
  • Women with a diagnosis of cancer


Contact Details

Gillian Hehir MAPS MCCLP
Clinical Psychologist

Victoria Street Psychology
122 Victoria Street
Ballarat East, Vic. 3350

Telephone: 5332 1049
Fax: 5332 2371
Mobile: 0407 509 053

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday